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Preliminary Examination

  1. The objective of Preliminary Examination shall be to shortlist candidates for the Main Examination and ensure minimum standard required of a candidate.

  2. A candidate shall be permitted to appear PE up to a maximum of three attempts only.

  3. Preliminary Examination Papers shall be common to all categories of graduates.

  4. Preliminary Examination shall be objective type questions to test English and Dzongkha communication skills, logic and analytical, problem solving and data interpretation abilities of the candidates.

    Examination Modality
    1. Preliminary Examination Paper will be common to all graduates and therefore the questions:
      - Will be generic in nature (not technical); and
      - Will not be biased to any particular category of graduates or area of specialization.

    2. Preliminary Examination Paper:
      • Will consist of 100 objective type questions/Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ);
      • All questions will be compulsory;
      • Every question will consist of four alternative answers numbered A, B, C & D;
      • Will be out of 100 Marks (1 mark per MCQ); and
      • Will be given 2.5 hours (150 minutes) time.

    3. Candidates will be tested in the following four areas:
        1. Dzongkha Language communication skills - 25 marks;
        2. English Language communication skills - 25 marks;
        3. Problem Solving - 25 marks; and
        4. Data Interpretation - 25 marks.

    4. Standard of the Preliminary Examination Question Paper:
        1. Dzongkha Language communication skills - Class XII level;
        2. English Language communication skills - Graduate level;
        3. Problem Solving - Graduate level (mostly non-mathematical)
        4. Data Interpretation - class X level (involving wider scope than maths)

  5. Entry into the examination hall shall be allowed only on production of the Citizenship Identity Card.

  6. Candidates shall be required to answer in the Optical Mark Reader (OMR) answer sheet provided by the RCSC. (Click here for OMR answer sheet sample)

  7. Only those candidates who achieve the minimum cut off marks as decided by the Commission, shall be eligible to sit for the Main Examination; and

  8. Marks obtained in the Preliminary Examination shall not be carried forward to the Main Examination and shall be valid only for that particular year.

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