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Main Examination

The objective of the Main Examination (ME) shall be to test candidate's core competencies and subject/general knowledge for final selection.

A candidate shall be permitted to appear ME up to a maximum of two attempts only.

Candidates appearing the Main Examination shall be grouped under the following categories:
  1. Post Graduate Diploma in Public Administration (PGDPA);

  2. Post Graduate Diploma in Financial Management (PGDFM);

  3. Post Graduate Diploma in Education (PGDE);

  4. Technical including Post Graduate Diploma in National Law (PGDNL); and

  5. Dzongkha.
Main Examination shall consist of the following three parts with corresponding weightage:
  1. Part I: Academic Achievement (AA) -10%

  2. Part II: Written Examination (WE) -70%

  3. Part III: Viva Voce (VV) -20%
The RCSC shall review weightage for the three parts of the examination from time to time, and make changes required.

The RCSC shall not declare a candidate's result if he has not appeared in all the three examination papers and Viva Voce, and this shall be considered as one of the two permissible attempts in the BCSE.

Part I : Academic Achievement

  1. Academic Achievement shall be the assessment of the marks obtained in the Bachelor's Degree from an Institute recognized by the Government. In addition, a candidate shall be required to produce both the class X and Class XII academic transcripts as documentary evidence unless specified otherwise..

  2. A candidate having more than one Degree shall have the option to choose any one of the Degrees to be considered for the assessment. However, the relevant degree shall be considered for assessment where necessary.

  3. Only one Degree of the same level shall be accepted for the assessment.

  4. In the case of a candidate whose result is based on a letter grading system, the grades shall be converted to percentage as per the conversion table given at Annexure 7/1 if conversion value is not specified in the transcripts issued by the University.

  5. The RCSC in future may consider totally waiving the weightage for Academic Achievement.

Part II : Written Examination

  1. The Written Examination for graduates who qualify in the Preliminary Examination opting for the Post Graduate Diploma in Public Administration, Financial Management and Education shall sit for separate examinations according to eligibility. The examination shall comprise the following three papers for duration of three hours each:

      Paper I : Dzongkha;

      Paper II : English & General Knowledge; and

      Paper III : Bhutan and its (a) Socio-Political Institutions and (b) Socio- Economic Development since 1961.

    Each paper shall carry equal weightage and be evaluated out of 100 marks and their aggregate shall be converted to 70% of the Main Examination.

  2. The Written Examination for technical graduates, including law graduates opting for the Post Graduate Diploma in National Law (PGDNL) shall comprise the following three papers:

      Paper I : Languages and General Knowledge (Common Paper - 20%)

      Paper II : General Subject Knowledge (Common Paper for each professional group - 15%)

      Paper III: Subject Specialization Paper (Subject specific - 35%)

    Each paper shall be evaluated out of 100 marks and converted to the respective scale of 20% for Paper I, 15% for paper II and 35% for Paper III, and then added to obtain the total marks.

  3. The Written Examination for Dzongkha graduates opting for appointment in positions requiring Dzongkha specialization and teaching shall comprise of the following three papers:

      Paper I: Dzongkha Language & General Knowledge (20%)

      Paper II: English Language & Current Affairs (15%)

      Paper III: Buddhist Studies (35%)

    Each paper shall be evaluated out of 100 marks and converted to the respective scale of 20% for Paper I, 15% for Paper II and 35% for Paper III and then added to obtain the total marks.

    The RCSC shall review the examination papers from time to time to enhance its relevancy.

Part III : Viva Voce (VV)
  1. Viva Voce shall be based on an oral interview, bilingual in both Dzongkha and English, to be conducted by a Committee of five members (minimum) appointed by the RCSC.

  2. The assessment shall be based on a total of 100 marks and each Interview Committee Member shall assess individually, except in areas where documentary evidence is required, in which case marking for that particular area shall be based on consensus.

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