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Eligibility Criteria

A candidate shall:
  1. Be a Bhutanese citizen;

  2. Have attained at least 18 years and not be older than 35 years for pre-service and 45 years for in-service candidates, on the last date of online registration;

  3. Have a minimum of Bachelor's Degree at least three years duration from an Institute recognized by the relevant authorities of the Royal Government in the relevant field with the exception for the following:

      1. Candidates from Shedras, who are awarded equivalent Bachelors/Masters Degree in two years;

      2. With a minimum of two-year Bachelors Degree acquired by in-service candidates with minimum of Class X and Certificate/Diploma of two years or more, if duly validated by the Royal University of Bhutan/Bhutan Accreditation Council/Bhutan Medical and Health Council and other similar authorities empowered by an Act of the Parliament, for in-service Civil Service candidates; and

      3. With Masters Degree but without Bachelors Degree approved by the RCSC for in-service Civil Service candidates prior to 2nd September, 2007.
Meet the following subject requirements:
  1. Post Graduate Diploma in Public Administration: Minimum of a Bachelor's Degree in any field;

  2. Post Graduate Diploma in Financial Management: Minimum of a Bachelor's Degree in Commerce/Economic (Honours)/Economic (Majors)/Business Administration /Business Management;

  3. Post Graduate Diploma in Education: Minimum of Bachelor's/Master's Degree with at least one relevant subject prescribed for the Bhutanese School Syllabus or Higher Educational Institute programmes and has obtained the minimum qualifying marks in the subject at the Bachelor's Degree examination, if prescribed; and

  4. Post Graduate Diploma in National Law: Minimum of Bachelor's Degree in Law.

  5. Meet the minimum qualifying marks in the Bachelor's Degree that may be prescribed by the RCSC;

  6. Have been a non-bachelor's degree holder and voluntarily resigned from the Civil Service; and

  7. Have qualified in the Preliminary Examination to appear in the Main Examination.


A candidate shall not be eligible to appear for BCSE if he has:
  1. A Bachelor's Degree which is not full time, for all pre-service candidates;

  2. Been convicted of a criminal offence;

  3. Been terminated or compulsorily retired from the Civil Service, Government Corporation/Project;

  4. Voluntarily resigned from the Civil Service with Early Retirement Scheme (ERS) benefit;

  5. Voluntarily resigned from the Civil Service while he had a Bachelor's Degree;

  6. Been adjudged by a competent medical authority as mentally unsound;

  7. Already appeared the BCSE-PE thrice and/or CSCE/BCSE-ME twice;

  8. Intentionally given false statements or used fraudulent practices in Academic/Civil Service Examinations;

  9. Used fake/forged documents;

  10. Failed to furnish testimonials as required under this Rule;

  11. Been previously selected for the Civil Service but dishonoured the appointment;

  12. Failed to produce NOC from the employer to appear the BCSE, if employed;

  13. Participated in politics and not completed the "cooling off" period of one year; and

  14. Been otherwise disqualified for appointment by the Government.

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