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Bhutan Civil Service Rules & Regulations 2012
CHAPTER 7: Bhutan Civil Service Examination (BCSE) for Recruitment of University Graduates

7. Conduct of Candidate

7.1 During the Written Examination, a candidate shall:
7.1.1 Reach the examination hall at least 15 minutes before the scheduled time for examination;
7.1.2 Wear the national dress;
7.1.3 Be allowed entry into the examination hall only on production of the e-Admit card for the Preliminary Examination and Admission Card for the Main Examination;
7.1.4 Be searched before entering the hall or on re-entry after going out of the hall during the examination;
7.1.5 Not bring any article, electronic devices, document or written material of any form inside the hall, except the Admission Card, ink, pen, pencil, eraser and non-programmable calculator (if required);
7.1.6 Have substantial space around his seat for the examination to prevent any communication with others;
7.1.7 Conform his behaviour to the Code of Conduct and Ethics prescribed under this rule;
7.1.8 Not canvass for getting favour in the examination in any manner;
7.1.9 Not talk, consult, whisper, smoke, eat or indulge in any unacceptable behaviour in the examination hall; and
7.1.10 Not give or leave any identification marks on the written answer sheet(s) other than the allotted roll number.
7.2 Non-compliance to the above rules shall result in debarring of the candidate from the present as well as future BCSE.
7.3 Any breach of rules during the examination by a candidate shall be reported in writing to the RCSC by the Chief Invigilator. Such a candidate shall be liable for disciplinary action by the RCSC.

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